Understanding the Factors of Human Needs

Understanding the Factors of Human Needs
Human Needs Factors - Understanding, Influencing, Kinds, Income, Technology, Satisfaction Tools: When one need is met, another need will emerge. Things like this why is that ?? because the nature of human needs is unlimited. Basically, humans are never satisfied.

Unlimited Needs
Understanding Human Needs
As humans we certainly have needs, if one need has been met, other needs will arise. Things like this why is that ?? because the nature of human needs is unlimited. Basically, humans are never satisfied.
This concept has already been explained by classical school thinkers like Adam Smith. According to him, every economic activity of the community is driven by the principles of putting one's own interests (needs) first.

Factors That Influence Human Needs
For the needs of humans themselves continue to increase and change due to various factors, including:
Age factor
Surely you still remember what you need when you were a baby. When new born our main needs are milk and baby diapers. At the age of four months we already need mashed foods such as porridge. A few months later we have eaten more varied foods. After entering school age, you need formal education. Starting from elementary, middle and high school.

During school your needs also increase, such as:
Likewise, when you get married and have a family, your needs continue to grow. This shows the type or number of needs always increases with age.

Education Factors
Human needs also develop along with the level of education. When you sit in elementary school. Your needs are certainly not as much as when you sit in the middle school bengku. For example for school supplies, when in elementary school you need not as much as in junior high. When in high school like now, you need more books. That's only in terms of school equipment.

Technological Factors
Technological developments also affect needs. Now you are used to seeing people talking by telephone while traveling. This is a result of the development of mobile technology which produces mobile phones. By having a cellphone, people are easier to communicate, more stylish and not considered not to understand technology.
People also feel that the cellphone is a necessity that is no less important than food or clothing, so it is not uncommon to see people who always switch cell phones to keep up with the development of the technology.

Revenue Factor
Try to pay attention to the people who are around where we are, of course, can distinguish between those who have high incomes and those who have low incomes. Are their needs different ?? Take a look at why your neighbor uses a car while traveling while some only pedal their bikes.
Thus proving that the high and low income greatly influences the needs. Maybe your neighbor is only pedaling the bicycle and will later change the motorcycle when the income increases.

Population Factor
The need will be greater along with population growth. This is certainly easy for you to understand. And pay attention to your family, each family member must have their own needs. for example you need food for three times a day, three pairs of uniforms, two pairs of shoes and so on. This is the greater the number of family members, the greater the variety of needs.

Likewise in a broader scope such as the state, you can see from the size of the state budget (APBN) which continues to increase along with the increase in population.

Ad Factor Or Product Promotion
In modern life, human needs are also heavily influenced by the development of new products and product promotion through various mass media. For example, often we buy a product just because the product advertisement often appears on television. Advertising is designed to influence consumers' perceptions that the product fits the needs of potential customers.

Human Needs
Kind - Kind of Human Needs
The Following Are Various Kinds Of Human Needs.

Needs According to Intensity of Use
Needs according to intensity (level) of use are measured by priority or measure the level of importance of a need. Kinds of needs according to their intensity are:

Primary needs
Primary needs are the main needs that must be met to maintain human survival in a reasonable manner. According to the ILO (International Labor Organization) that primary needs are minimal physical needs of the community, related to the adequacy of basic needs of each community, both rich and poor. These basic needs include adequate food and nutrition, clothing, housing, education, health services and other supporting facilities such as transportation, drinking water supplies, a sense of security, and so on.

Secondary need
Secondary needs are needs that are complementary to primary needs and these needs are only met after the primary needs are met. This need does not mean that it is not important, because as a civilized human being, people who live in a community really need a variety of other things that are broader and perfect, both regarding the quality, quantity, and type. Examples of secondary needs include television, refrigerators, motorbikes, and other needs that support primary needs.

Tertiary Needs
Tertiary needs arise after primary and secondary needs are met. In general, this tertiary need is called luxury, because the fulfillment of its needs is aimed at luxury goods that are only done by high-income people. For example diamond jewelry, luxury homes, luxury cars, and others.